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Caffeine - Potato lyrics


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Can you find a home
In these cold eyes
I can’t see the walls
Through all the flies
I don’t have time
To feel the pain
Why should I feel?
I can’t complain
Why should I care
What you get paid
Jesus Christ failed 6th Grade


Timebombs tick in my skull
I can hear them all
Just beating away
Exploding in my brain
Dogs don’t bark a lot
Soak in what you’ve got
So much to be taught
Your heads in a knot
Jesus Christ failed 6th Grade


(Potatos in the dark
Pickles in the light
Cabbage on wheels
Drive around)

Don’t eat straight from the pack
Escape with the drive
Speak for yourself
May take your pride
Jesus Christ failed 6th Grade


Sakarackatakarackafaka do pow


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